Dear Sirs /Madam

EU adopted REACH as total management systems of materials in 2006. And actually, REACH start from 1st June 2008 with pre-registration.
We agree that EU want to protect human beings and environment from bad influence by production and use of materials.

We are full aware of REACH and will take all the necessary steps to satisfy its obligations under REACH. We organized REACH team with all the relevant dept. including R&D, Sales and Purchasing dept. And Team is consist of the members as below.

We completed pre-registration for our products on 30th. Nov, 2008 by selecting outstanding only representative. We will also perform faithfully the duties related with EU reach under this pre-registration and proceed the procedures whit the long term prospective plan through only representive by monitoring the recent tendency of EU EHCA and activity of SIEF in order to fulfill all necessary duties under EU Reach.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding REACH, please feel to contact us.

Contact for REACH
Name : Young-Guk, Kim and Brian
Email : and
Phone: 82-43-235-2307 (EXT.1)