Patents Status

Patents Status
2012 Method for manufacturing of melamine phosphate-based flame retardants
Synthetic resin composition for PVC nontoxic windows, and PVC nontoxic widows
2011 A pelleted composition with flame resistance and a method of thereof
2010 A flame resistance polyolefin resin containing piperazine moiety metal salt mixture
2009 A hydrotalcite for P.V.C stabilizer and a method of thereof
2008 Hydrotalcite having improved thermoresistance and preparation thereof
Continuous dry system
Method for preparing SiO2-TiO2-based composite inorganic fibers using two-step heat-treatment
Oxide-like hydrotalcite and manufacturing process thereof
2007 Method of hydrotalcite dyeing or deposition for silver
The preparation method for silver bonded or substitution hydroxyaphatite with electric ion exchange
2006 Piperazine cross-linked phosphazene and flame-retardant resin compositions
2004 Method for manufacturing the hydrotalcite salted with P
Non-halogen fire retardant material and method thereof
High chlorine and heat resistant spandex fiber andmanufacturing method thereof
High chlorine and heat resistant spandex fiber andmanufacturing method thereof
2001 Complex nuclear agent having a improve flowability andtransparency and method for manufacturing thereof
2000 Process for producing hydroxide
Method of producing a composite inorganic coagulant byusing slag
1999 Method of producing a highly efficient complex used as a catalytic neutralizer and a lubricant in polyolefine polymer
Method of producing an aggregating agent for better environment
1998 Method of producing a novel catalytic neutralizing agent mixed with an inorganic catalytic neutralizing agent and an organic catalytic neutralizing agent
Method for the preparation of high purity crystalline hydroxy-appatite
1997 Metal soap and its manufacturing method and its apparatus
Manufacturing method of soluable release agent