Up to now, the development of petrochemical resins has brought improvement and convenience of human life. However, the resins vulnerability to fire has caused heavy casualties and a lot of property loss as well.

Therefore, DOOBON develops and produced non-toxic nitrogen-phosphorus containing flame retardants and has recently developed nest-generation high-efficiency non-toxic flame retardants that can be applied to more diverse materials. We`ve been further promoting R&D activities to commercialize the new development.

A change has also been detected in hazardous heavy-metal additives that have been widely used in automobiles and construction materials as well as home appliance. Many businesses have tried to substitute the dangerous products with non-toxic environment-friendly materials.

DOOBON is also focused on developing new inorganic antimicrobial agents that are differentiated with conventional antifungal and antimicrobial product, health supplement food additives and bio-materials (ex: artificial bone, osteoporosis cure) to make a contribution to development of functional chemical additive and high-tech material industries.