1992 - DOOBON FINE CHEMICAL CO., LTD was established and started production of Metallic Soaps (ZN-ST, CA-ST, MG-ST etc)
1997 - DOOBON YUWHA CO., LTD was established at Eumseong-Gun, Chungbuk and started production of Hydrotalcite, TCP and special Metallic Soaps (NA-ST, K-ST)
1999 - POLYNOX Series Production start : ONE PACK PRE-BLEND
2000 - DOOBON FINE CHEMICAL was joint venture with CIBA
2001 - DOOBON FINE CHEMICAL sold its share to CIBA
2002 - DOOBON INC. was established.- started production of Non-Halogen Flame Retardant
2005 - Extended production capacity of Hydrotalcite at Eumseong plan
2007 - Extended production facilities of Hydrotalcite and POLYNOX at Cheongwon plant.
2008 - Ansan Plant was completed and started production of Hydrotalcite
2010 - Extended production capacity of POLYAD
2011 - Addition of POLYAD production
2017 - Extended production capacity of Hydrotalcite